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WAVES that create FORMS

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Cymatics (the science of waves)

“ In the beginning was the Word” and in Sanskrit “Nada Brahama” “The world is sound”.

These enigmatic and religious concepts seem too abstract unless we have the occasion to see them in action. Dr. Hans Jenny, father of Cymatics or the science of waves, has offered us this possibility and has made visible the subtle power through which sound structures matter, showing the supremacy of vibration and its effect in nature. In his experiments he put sand, dust and fluids on a metallic plate linked to an oscillator which produced a wide range of frequencies.

While he watched the sand or other substances organise themselves into different structures, he heard the sound emitted by the oscillator, and if he lightly touched the plate he could feel the vibration in his fingers.
Let us try and imagine now, that for some reason, you can “only” see the static aspect of the form, and for which, you think it is solid. The idea of a form generated by a vibrational field which resonates, could seem irrational. However every figure is a visible form of an invisible force, and every form contains the information on the vibrations which created it. Imagine that someone mixes the sand on the plate and cancels the form.
After a few seconds the same form reappears. How can you explain this?

Messages from water

Dr. Masaru Emoto a well-know Japanese researcher, was the first person in the world to photograph the crystals of frozen water.

From his research a mysterious capacity of water emerges to form harmonic or chaotic images, words and thoughts. Here are a few images of crystals takes from 3 of his books “Messaggi dall’acqua”.

Heavy metal Bach Stupid   Click on image
Thanks Water from a lake before and after prayer.

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