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Fractal geometry

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Forms from fractal dimensions create waves…

Physics is the science of energy. Mathematics is the language of energy, geometry is the graphics of mathematics as it shows a visual affirmation of mathematical ratio. Fractal geometry is the geometry of the chaos of the natural forms.


In the 70’s the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot managed to discovered a method to mathematically model his diagrams and adopting a definition of the more abstract dimensions to those used in the normal Euclidean geometry, suggested that the fractal could be organised mathematically as if it has fractal dimensions instead of a whole number of dimensions.

A fractal is a simple mathematical expression that, through recurrence (multiplied by its result many times) generates infinitely complex geometric shapes. If, on the computer, you enlarge a detail of a non linear fractal, you will find an ever major complexity; in many cases the enlarged area will reveal the entire image on a smaller scale, and so on for many other times; in other cases it will change completely in some points.
Fractal geometry seems to be the most adequate to describe the apparent chaos and complexity of natural phenomenon. From the shape of the brain and that of the ramification of the nerve dendrites, from the jagged profile of leaves to the pattern of growth of coral, from the shape of a cauliflower to the branching of the bronchi, from lightening flashes to the outline of the mountains and the clouds, everything seems chaotic while it is born from complex and harmonic mathematical ratio: Fractal geometry.

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