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Denis Gabor is the Hungarian physicist, Nobel prize, who discovered holography and holograms. A hologram is produced when a band of laser light (coherent or in phase light) is divided into two rays (fig A): one serves to illuminate the object to be photographed and the other has the function of “reference ray”. When the two rays meet again the interference is produced. The ray which has been diffused from the object contains a mixture of the phases, while the reference ray is made up of all in phase waves (coherent).


Some of the extraordinary properties of holography :

A- The visible image on the film does not look at all like the photographed object! It is composed of concentric circles similar to two or more stones thrown in a pond (figure of interference).

B- When a film is illuminated by a laser ray, a three-dimensional image of the photographed object appears behind it.

C- If the film is cut into tiny fragments (fig B), each of these, when illuminated, will still contain all the information and will still show THE WHOLE IMAGE (even if it is less detailed).

Each part is included in the whole and can never be separated; each part includes the whole. Each point, when illuminated, shows a separate and distant image but its origin is in the whole.


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