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Recreate harmony in man and in the environment

“Illness is a kind of lack of harmony, which arises when one part of the whole does not vibrate in unison anymore with the other parts”. (Dr. Edward Bach).

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Illness is (nearly always) an expression of conflict.
dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, brilliant German Oncologist is revolutionising, with his discoveries, the actual medical knowledge to such a degree that he is rewarded, like a new Galilei, with bad reactions (prison) from the authorities. “His discoveries open a universe contrasting with the dominant vision:
Illness is the appropriate answer by the brain to an external trauma (conflict), and is a part of a program of survival of the species. When the trauma has been resolved, the brain reverses the order and the individual passes to the repairing phase. The discoveries of dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer figure in 5 fundamental laws of the New Medicine; these have been verified over a twenty year period by doctors and therapists on thousands of people, and they have always been revealed as exact and reproducible, and for this scientific.


From the book "The upside down medicine. And if Hamer was right?” (Amrita Ed. Pag.120);

The first of the hard-and-fast Laws (no exception provided for) of the New Medicine: “All of the biological conflicts of shock-that is acute, unexpected, dramatic, unresolved and lived in isolation-determine nearly simultaneously a physical, cerebral, organic blockage and a situation of permanent stress which leads to an illness.”

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Books: “Introduction to the New Medicine” and “Testament for a New MedicineMacro Editions

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Vibrational Medicine, new choices for wellbeing

“Vibrational Medicine is based on a holistic vision of Man (spirit, mind and body) and on the understanding that we are beings composed of multifrequency energy the molecular structure of which is really a network of energetic fields organised and supplied by structures of subtle energy. It is from these subtle energy levels that health and illness fundamentally have their origin. The object of Vibrational Medicine is to heal the illness acting on these subtle fields, sending energy signals to the body instead of manipulating cells and organs with medicine and surgery.” (Dr. R. Gerber).

Cymatics is a concrete example of the principles at the basis of vibrational Medicine: the physical body, the emotions and the processes of thought are forms organised by vibrational fields, the denser (the physical) animated and shaped by the subtler vibrations (thoughts and emotions). The therapist, other than dwelling upon the specific symptom, tries to perceive and assess the discordance present in the energy field, intervening to reharmonize it with different vibrational modes: music, voice, colour, touch, crystals. Flower essences, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc…
EXALOM the system of fractal resonance is a new approach to the same target
“ RIEQUILIBRIUM” of the energy field through instruments which have not got their own vibrational intensity but carry “information”.
The energy fields do not feel their intensity but their “form”.
This harmonic, dynamic and coherent form guides them, entering into resonance with them, towards a new level of order with the raising of their level of vibration.

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