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Nell' Universo tutto è Energia Radiante - Vibrante - Risonante
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Towards a new state of awareness

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At this point we have a few new models available, to try and understand better, reality.


Cymatics and The messages from water. Waves of any frequency (sounds, words, colours but also emotions and thoughts) manifest themselves on the material plane at different levels giving them form.
Holography. According to the Theory of the Holographic Universe elaborated by David Bohm, the universe is an immense moving hologram and all the things in our world are projections coming from another level of reality (implied order) in this hologram nothing is separate from the whole and every tiniest part contains the whole. David Bohm (1917-1994), one of the most important quantistic physicists and one of the most original and profound thinkers of the last century, has influenced Physicists, philosophers and also scientists of other disciplines (Karl Pribam: The brain is a hologram).
Geometric Shapes and Numbers, which appear and repeat themselves in a harmonic way, let us glimpse at some of the creative processes of nature.
This world is an amazing place where everyone is a part and in which everyone with their own actions and thoughts, causes change and creates… ALWAYS.

“Each of the 6 billion inhabitants of this spaceship, makes the difference.
You make the difference”

Julia Butterfly Hill

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