Bhuvah - Argon


Bhuvah - Argon

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Il respiro della Terra 
Bhuvah  8  gas in fiale con magneti dorati, diamante e colori

The idea that has been presented is that we are living and working at a level that transcends much more than just the physical body. We're working with the aetheric body, as well, when we're doing any kind of healing or change work. Healing takes place primarily initially in the aetheric body and this is then transmitted to the physical body. Perhaps you've seen drawings that show the physical body surrounded by the subtle bodies, like the emotional body, the mental body, causal body, and so on. All of those are also very important in the healing process, too. When using the devices we visualize creating a new information blueprint in the mental body, that then is transferred to the aetheric body, and then to the physical body.
Another way of looking at this is that, surrounding the body at all times is a fluid substance called Aetheric Fluidium. In that substance we have the capacity to impress holographic information that then is brought into the physical. The way in which this occurs, however, is not obviously 3 dimensional. Otherwise, you would have the Aetheric Fluidium dripping off your body all the time. Instead, this is taking place at what I'm considering the 4th dimensional level. There are many different ways to get at the 4th dimension. We all know that we are working in the 4th dimension by accessing information intuitively or telepathically. Some experiments that have been done show telepathy over very long distances has been correlated to occur faster than the speed of light, as if occurring at some other dimensional level. I also see that another way to access and get a handle on how to visualize and understand the 4th-dimension is to take the process the opposite way. And in this I would help you recall, perhaps, something you learned in school about what is called Flatland.
1 recommend these technologies for experimental purposes only. I can neither suggest nor imply any use related to physical health, and I recommend the guidance of a qualified reputable holistic health-care practitioner.